hi! i'm hali reeves and i'm really fun and cool!

I'm a visual designer who has lived in Florida my whole life. I've lived in Cocoa Beach, Orlando, and most recently, Gainesville, where I have been pursuing my BFA in Graphic Design. Despite this history, I have never had one Florida Man headline written about me, and that's something I'm proud of.

I strive to create work that is experimental, authentic, and expressive. I like to approach each project by asking questions, taking risks, and creating innovative design solutions that tell a story. My main inspirations come from  punk culture, street style, and postmodern art and design.

When not designing, you can find me moshing at emo night, practicing my British accent, reciting facts about punk design that nobody asked for, or begging my roommates who are allergic to cats to let me get a cat.

To get in touch, shoot me an email at halijoreeves@gmail.com