October 2019


Brand Identity


Packaging Design

Visual Systems

unwanted tape redesign

I redesigned the cover and created some unique merch items for the album Unwanted Tape by mommy. This is a lo-fi chill beats album and whenever I listen to music like that, it's when I'm just laying in my bed by myself, looking out the window, and daydreaming. I created a color system to reflect that peaceful feeling and an illustration that lent itself to daydreaming.


When imagining what collateral items to make for this album rebrand, I once again thought about myself alone in bed listening to lo-fi music. I created designs for a cassette player and journal that the listener could use to get lost in thought or sketch or maybe write out their dreams or poetry. I also found it kinda funny that for an album about daydreaming, I also got most of my ideas through daydreaming.