May 2019 through March 2020



Creative Direction

Brand Identity

Social Media

Environmental Design

tedxuf paradox

As TEDxUF's Creative Director, I head a team dedicated to branding TEDxUF salon events and our 11th annual main conference, themed PARADOX. The role of Creative Director has been all encompassing and I work on diverse projects including creating social media graphics, designing merchandise and badges, overseeing photo and video production, designing the environmental signage and experience, and much much more.

This event was scheduled to take place on March 15th, 2020. However, due to the spread of COV-ID19 it was postponed indefinitely. : (

brand identity development

Paradox is the intersection of two diametric opposites that can somehow exist together in harmonic dissonance. Within this, we find Gainesville and the University of Florida. These communities contribute polarized beliefs on society, politics, culture, education and faith. It's a city full of contradictions that all somehow seem to work together to create a beatifully colorful community. The Paradox branding aims to encompass this level of contradiction and balance.  



social media

Because our main demographic is college students and young professionals, our social media is very important. Most of our conference information is spread via Instagram and Facebook so I designed and curated social media graphics to announce our conference speakers, promote the event, and engage with our audience.

These first graphics are two out of nine of our speaker announcements. I wanted to create announcements that reflect the idea of the multi-faceted paradoxical community that our speakers represent.


Below are graphics created to announce our two emcees, the Paradox theme, and the conference schedule.



the event

My creative team intended to bring the conference to life by creating a cohesive designed environment. I carried the red and blue colors, and the 3D-glasses style optical illusion throughout the collateral pieces like name badges, signage, merch, and more.  


Hopefully, these pieces, and many others not pictured, will be able to see the light of day if the event is rescheduled.