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​​Subversion is an interactive book that explores Postmodern design from the late 1960’s through 1990’s. The book pushes user experience to its limits through unfoldable pages, pop-ups, etc. similar to the boundary-pushing ideals of free expression and deconstruction of form found in the Postmodernism.


This project involved much more research and planning than I had ever been exposed to, but it aided my process. As I did more and more research into the era of Postmodern design, I could incorporate those ideals into my own creative process and the book could grow and change as my knowledge did.

final outcome

I ended up dividing my research into three sections: expressionism, deconstruction, and commentary. I got to highlight a lot of my favorite designers and works including Jamie Reid, Hypgnosis, Barbara Kruger, the Riot Grrrls and so much more. It was super interesting to learn about designers who broke the rules that they had always been trained to follow. I also loved getting able to put my bookmaking skills that I had learned in an elective studio class to use in my design practice.

Thanks for visiting my site! I'll miss you xox

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