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fest 17

FEST is an annual grassroots punk music festival that takes place over three-days in Downtown Gainesville. This year, FEST17 brought 322 punk bands and expanded into 13 different venues.  Over 4,000 punks attended from all over the world. FEST takes pride in being purist and underground, so most of the students at The University of Florida don't even know that it exists.

I created a guerilla marketing campaign of stickers, buttons, flyers, and door hangers to be put up in town and around the University of Florida campus to target Gainesville's younger residents and get them more involved with FEST. 


I wanted to completely immerse myself in the FEST community. I felt that this would be the most authentic way to understand and appreciate the culture and atmosphere of FEST. I decided that in addition to doing secondary research with interviews and information from the FEST website, that Iwould attend FEST and volunteer to work shifts during the festival. 

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