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Fall Fest Branding

Swamp Records - Fall 2018

Promotional Campaign

Adobe Illustrator

Fall Fest is the main music festival thrown by Swamp Records at the end of each calendar year. It features all of the bands on the record label and local food vendors in Downtown Gainesville.

This year, because Swamp Records was rebranding, we needed to create an eye-catching design that incorporated dynamic imagery, the color of the new logo, and the design direction that Swamp Records would be going in. This branding also set the precedent for the rest of the supplementary graphics for Fall Fest, like the artist reveal and lineups.

I used the teal of the logo, along with complimentary oranges and reds to create colors that vibrated against eachother. I also made use of expressive line to draw attention, and also express the lively and exciting atmosphere that is this six hour long concert in celebration of the end of the year.

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