February 2020




Brand Design

converse annual report microsite

I was challenged to put a spin on the traditional annual report and make an interactive micro-site that would enhance user-experience and hold interest. I designed a bold visual system to encompass Converse's new brand direction of skateboarding, artist collaborations, and most importantly: street style. Then, navigated the balance of style and information while prototyping in Invision Studio.

A link to the Invision prototype: https://projects.invisionapp.com/prototype/Hali-Reeves-Converse-Annual-Report-ck7dmv1zm0012wo010qdilvp7/play/abaaa2ac

Above: Some lo-fi wireframing for each page of the site as part of my process

Below: Each page of the site, from left to right: About, Fiscal Report, Converse Cares (Responsibility Report), and below is the clickable horizontal timeline of the company history on the Fast Facts page

A click-through video of the entire site

Thanks for visiting my site! I'll miss you xox

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