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Welcome to my birthday party website! Keep scrolling for all the information you will need to crush this year's party...



Doing Halieopardy again would be too easy. 


If I didn't know you last year, you may have heard of the infamous Halieopardy trivia game. This year, to honor our love of Fiddler's Green Sunday brunch bar trivia with Jordy, I'm raising the stakes. 

Get ready for an electrifying evening of trivia excitement at Hali’s Green! It’s not just a birthday celebration; it’s a trivia showdown where knowledge takes center stage. Step into the arena, where champions are made and legacies are forged! Saturday March 2nd at Hali’s Green, witness the clash of the titans as Jamie defends her reigning title, Janelys makes a triumphant return from Philadelphia, and our hometown heroes, fueled by a year of relentless studying, aim to claim their rightful place among the trivia elite. This isn’t just a birthday party; it’s a battle of wits you won’t want to miss.

What You Need to Know:


Saturday March 2nd, the party starts at 8pm, trivia starts promptly at 9pm, and once trivia ends we'll continue to drink and celebrate all night!


Hali & Jamie's House, if you don't have the address you can DM or text me

Parking in anywhere the street is fine and you can come through the front door :) 


Create teams of between 2 and 5 players and you can bring any additional teammates you please. Share with me your team members and team name prior to the party!

I've also created a WhatsApp Community if you are searching for a team, or maybe to inform other players of how badly you'll be beating them... Or just to chat :)


We'll have drinks and snacks, but anything you want to bring would be awesome too!

Gifts are not required, but if you want to get me anything I like: Sanrio, RuPaul's Drag Race, vegan thai food, cute little tchotchkes, cats, art, and lots more. I have so many interests, but I can't share too many before trivia!!

I hope you've been listening to me ;) good luck!! <3 

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