October and November 2019


Brand Identity


Packaging Design


Visual Systems

i thought you didn't even like leaving album redesign

I reinterpreted one of my favorite albums that I felt had a cover that didn't do it much justice: Prince Daddy & The Hyena's I Thought You Didn't Even Like Leaving. I created a system with heavy dark colors and a lot of gritty textures to relate to the emo angst of the album, but also added some friendly faces to reflect the vulnerability and interpersonal nature of the lyrics.  I also got to showcase my own photography on the album cover, which gave it another special connection.

process and


Because I have such a personal attachment to this album, I wanted that to come across in my visual system. With the album being in the DIY-punk genre, it gave me a lot of freedom to experiment with different ways of taking photos, scanning things, using my own handwriting, ripping up pieces of paper, and more. During my process, I really found myself embracing the idea that sometimes design isn't pretty and that something that gets a bit ugly, could still be beautiful. I learned a lot about tailoring the solution to the project, in that this gritty dark system would not work for every situation, but felt perfect for this project.

My sister and I had a lot of fun venturing around Gainesville and taking photos.


Some low rise scans I made of my handwriting, ripped up paper, and ripped up prints of the photos I had taken that I thought looked cool and distorted when you move them around on the scanner.

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 1.28.11 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 1.27.14 AM.png

final outcomes

Ultimately, I ended up with a vinyl gatefold album that opens up into a lyric book for all of the songs on the album. Because the album is so emotional and written in first person, I wanted to make the album feel like a diary of the singer's feelings. I attached a lyric book to the inside of the book, rather than as an insert and the gatefold album cover acts as a pseuedo-journal. I also designed a venue poster and some Spotify assets for digital playing. For the poster, I tried to think about the band posters that I have and decided to go with a photo of the band to bring that theme of friendship from the album. I love pictures of bands that show that they truly are just best friends. I'm very proud of the way that this project ended up and feel that I succeeded in making a visual system that was true to the album and the connection that listeners like me have with it.